Weekend sorted!

Weekend sorted!

We've got you covered this weekend with two amazing lineups on Thursday with The Beginners making their live debut and on Friday we're finally happy to announce Doyoureallylikeit FINALLY playing their first live show in KSA!

Minimum order tickets info can be found below:

Live show minimum order entry ticket - 13th Oct The Beginners – Bohemia Records https://bohemiaartcafe.com/products/live-show-minimum-order-entry-ticket-13th-oct-the-beginners

Live show minimum order entry ticket - 14th Oct Doyoureallylikeit – Bohemia Records https://bohemiaartcafe.com/products/live-show-minimum-order-entry-ticket-14th-oct-doyoureallylikeit

Live show minimum order entry ticket weekend bundle 13-14 Oct – Bohemia Records https://bohemiaartcafe.com/products/live-show-minimum-order-entry-ticket-weekend-bundle-13-14-oct