BANANA PEEL ON THE RUN! - doyoureallylikeit?

BANANA PEEL ON THE RUN! - doyoureallylikeit?

This was a very exciting one to do and gave us the idea for our new sub series we call Banana Peel On The Run!

We first met Abdullah the singer and guitar player from the band a while ago in one of our open mics and fell in love with the guy! We then discovered he actually plays in a band called doyoureallylikeit? from Bahrain and we just had to get these guys over to play in our store, we loved their music and energy! Unfortunately due to visa issues we couldn't get all members over to Khobar so we did a solo show with Abdullah and it was insane!

We agreed we had to shoot a Banana Peel episode with them and we had the idea of going over to Bahrain and shoot the episode in their own setting. We realized this could help us reach a lot of other bands and musicians as well who can't all come play in our store thus Banana Peel On The Run! was born and we'll definitely be working on more to come!


1- French Breakfast 

2- Arcade Games 

3- Are You Lost 

4- Something Sweet



Abdulla - Vocals, Guitar

Debbi - Vocals, Drums

Sean - Bass guitar


Massive thanks to the Banana Peel Sessions videographer and sound engineer the coolest Fawaz Baasem (instagram: @fawazwb)